Free your Timecode


FreeTime is the large timecode window for Final Cut Pro* (Version 5.x to 7.x). It shows the current timecode from Viewer or Canvas.

The main window of FreeTime always floats above all other windows, it can be freely positioned and scaled on the attached screens.

During the work in Final Cut Pro* the window controls of the timecode window are hidden. Only the size box is always visible.

On mouse over controls get visible
On mouse over controls get visible

More Features

  • Turn display of frames on/off
  • Translucence of the window can be set continuous, from 100% (not transparency) to 10% (nearly invisibly)
  • Freely selectable font and background color
  • Supports every TrueType Font
  • Find the TC window

If the timecode window should be lost, it can be placed back – in standard size and standard translucence – on the center of the main screen. Use the option in the window menu or the shortcut “Command W”.

Notice: During Capturing, “Print To Video” or “Edit To Tape” FreeTime does not indicate a timecode.

FreeTime with font "Monaco"
FreeTime with font "Monaco"

Not every font is suitable font. Try and find out wich font works the best for you.

Mac Universal

System Requirements

  • Final Cut Pro* 5.x to 7.x

Download Details

english - Manual also in german
File Size:
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* Final Cut Pro is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.