Extract subtitles from DVD Studio Pro 4.x

Subtitle Xtractor

Subtitle Xtractor extracts subtitles from DVD Studio Pro 4.x* Disc- or Track itemdescriptions (*.dspDisc, *.dspTrack) and converts it into STL format (Spruce Technologies subtitle format).

Manipulating timecodes from STL files

Subtitle TC-Converter -en

Subtitle TC-Converter converts all timcodes from/to many different time bases. If requested, a timecode offset can be added or subtracted within the conversion.

Timecode offsets can be added or subtracted even without framerate conversion. Therefor, simply set the “New Framerate” to the value of the “Original Framerate”.

Detailed DVD Bit Budget


The primary goal of a bit budget is to use the entire space available on a DVD. Wich compression rate should be used for video and audio and however can one obtain best balance between picture/sound quality and available space.

Now simpleBIT-Budget calculates it for you.

Free your Timecode


FreeTime is the large timecode window for Final Cut Pro* (Version 5.x to 7.x). It shows the current timecode from Viewer or Canvas.

The main window of FreeTime always floats above all other windows, it can be freely positioned and scaled on the attached screens.

A little EDL Tool


The main focus of Elspeth is to mirror EDLs.

All cut marks of the original EDL are transferred to the rendered film file or the recorded videotape, in order to go with this material and the mirrored EDL thru the Color Grading, for instance.

* DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.